2 Inch Manila Rope

2 inch Manila rope is arguably the most popular rope for creating a nautical or western theme:

Throw in a couple of buoys - or a  picture of an anchor - and Bingo! - nautical.

Or make that a set of steer horns and maybe a 10-gallon hat for a western feel. 

It works with a simple rustic style, too - this product makes great cove molding and trim in cabins and log homes.

And it's finding a place in modern design - for example replacing chain in hanging chandeliers.

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Why isn't 2 inch Manila rope used for lifting?

Until the development of nylon and other synthetic ropes beginning in the 1950s,  2" Manila was used mostly for lifting. lashing, and pulling in marine, construction, and a variety of industrial applications. This was the case for hundreds of years.

But today, load-bearing applications for 2 inch Manila rope are few. Synthetic ropes which are smaller in diameter, longer lasting, and waterproof (they used to cover Manila ropes with tar to protect it from  moisture) can handle the same loads and are often less costly.

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