Pier and Dock Rope Rails

Selecting rope to be used as a hand rail on a dock or pier isn’t like choosing a product to be used as a visual barrier or decorative fence or landscaping element.

For these decorative applications, natural fiber Manila is an appropriate choice. You can compensate for its tendency to shrink in length when it rains by leaving plenty of extra droop. No big deal.

But a rope handrail is there to provide stability. It must be installed tightly enough to be functional, so a lot of droop means a wobbly unstable rail.

For this application our premium UnManila is a better choice. 

This is the house on Ono Island in Orange Beach, AL. where I installed your 1 1/4" UnManila rope.Thanks for taking the time to help me choose the type of rope needed for this application and environment.

The 2" ropes look great!

Our UnManila rope doesn’t shrink or stretch, so it can be installed more tightly.

And it's waterproof and UV stabilized for long life, even in locations where it seems like it's always pouring rain and it's always intensely sunny. 

There are other synthetics that can work – polyester, nylon, polyester composite - but they are expensive, generally white in color (when new – dirty gray before long), and don’t have the nautical look that our premium UnManila rope has.

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Our Dock and Pier ropes are featured on structures big and small - here are some of our customers' photos and comments.

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2" UnManila rope

The rope went in with no problems and it looks wonderful!


1" UnManila Rope

We just put up rails using your UnManila rope. It was much easier and faster to be able to pull the rope taught rather than swag it. We are looking forward to enjoying it for many years.


2" UnManila Rope

Here's a picture of the ADA kayak launch with your rope. The connectors I found for sale were too expensive so I made some from PVC pipe.


1 1/2" UnManila rope

I don't know how much praise you all get, but you're #1 with me!