Decorative Rope

When we use the term 'decorative rope' we don't mean a shiny specialty product, but the way any number of our standard products are used. 

These ropes - intended to be used for pulling something, lifting something, or tying a bunch of things together - have been repurposed as visual vs working tools. Sometimes as boundary lines around a soccer field, sometimes to suggest a theme or help tell a story.

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We're fortunate that a lot of very creative folks - do-it-yourself as well as professional designers - have shared photos of projects featuring our rope:

1" Manila rope
Hi Tom,
Love the rope!

2" Natural Fiber Manila
Here's one of the photos I told you about. Everyone who sees your Manila rope loves the way it looks!

1 1/2" (synthetic) UnManila
We've used your UnManila rope indoors and outdoors for years and we're really happy with it!

3/4" and 2" Manila rope
I ordered your rope for our son and daughter-in-law's wedding alter. Their invitations were themed "Tie the Knot"!
Thanks for a good product - it worked out great. 


1" Manila rope
Your photos were great ideas for rope projects. Thank you again for all your help in ordering the proper amount.

3/4" Manila rope
This project was for a corporate meeting to announce that one unit (at right) was being broken down into three (at left). The disorganized section in the center was an acknowledgement that it may not be an easy process.

1" Manila rope
Here's a photo of my son's Jeep after he put the rope on. The rope is just right and he is very happy with it!
Thanks again,

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Our rope is used in lots of interesting ways - here are some of our customers' projects and comments 

*click a photo for more views

Manila rope
Your rope has been the perfect item to finish areas in the log cabin environment that I hoped to capture. When I get back to finishing more areas I will know if I need to order more. I have used all 4 sizes in different ways as you will see from the photos. 

1 1/4" UnManila rope
My wife keeps finding new ways to use your ropes!

5/8" UnManila rope
Here are some photos using your rope, I had to confirm this is UnManila - it looks too
good to be synthetic!

2" Manila rope
Here are a couple of photos if the simulated hanging bunk bed design I told you about. The ropes are for aesthetics, not for holding.

1/2" Manila rope
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery! Here is a picture of our piling wrapped in your beautiful rope. We are very happy with the outcome and will pass on your name without hesitation. Great service.
Barbara and Dick

 1" Manila rope
Here you go...nothing fancy but we are very happy with the results!

1" and 2" Manila rope
I want to thank you for making this project go super smooth with your great advice and speedy delivery of product - almost a thousand feet of two inch and one inch rope!

5/8" Manila rope
Hi Tom,
Here are some pictures of the floor we refinished using the rope we got from you.

2" Manila rope
Here is an image of the finished project.
Your rope!!

2" Manila rope
Here's a photo of one of our displays. Having you cut and whip the ropes was the way to go!