Solid Braid Nylon Rope

Solid braid nylon rope is known for its flexibility and its round, firm, smooth shape. These properties make a good choice in applications which involve pulleys - including consumer uses like flagpole halyard (with or without an aircraft cable center), small engine starter cord, and clothesline. See solid braid nylon rope prices. It’s also used in far more demanding applications: because of its smooth surface, high strength and shock absorbing properties, solid braided nylon is specified in a number of fall protection products, such as work line and rescue line assemblies in chair type descent systems. 

When you see a window washer twenty stories up on the side of a sky scraper sitting in a chair that seems to be attached by a thread – there’s a good chance that ‘thread’ is a very precisely engineered and manufactured ½” diameter solid braided nylon rope. This is not an item that we would supply. It should be purchased only as an assembly, only from your descent system’s OEM or their authorized dealer.

Even before synthetic cordage was developed, the ‘solid braid’ construction was popular as pulley rope - for example cotton sash cord has been used in double hung windows for over 100 years. It is often still around and functional in old window pulley systems after decades of use.

The lock stitch construction provides two more important virtues:

First, unlike twisted line and diamond braid, the product doesn’t unravel when cut with a scissors or knife. This makes it practical for outdoor tie-downs and other utility uses – especially since many of us don’t carry a lighter (to heat seal the ends) around with us any more.

Second, because the fibers run essentially parallel to the axis of the rope, it doesn’t have the tendency to kink or hockle, making it popular with tent and awning contractors as lacing line, and with scouting troops for knot tying practice.

The downside: This is not a spliceable construction. 

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