Specialty Contractors
Use a Variety of Ropes

Many specialty contractors use several material types - synthetic fibers, natural fibers, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire - and constructions.

In addition to considering which rope products are used by contractors in the listed specialties, our method will be to consider and help you to answer these questions:

1 – Are there government, industry or other regulations that specify what I must use?

2 – If not, what type of product will work best – Manila? Nylon? Twisted? Braided? And within that type, what size will I need? The 'Proper Rope Care and Use' page - this is mandatory reading - will help you here.

3 – Can I use an off-the-shelf product from a local industrial supply, contractor supply or rental* house, or are there other considerations based on my application?

4 – If there are special considerations, should I source the material myself, or will I be better off paying extra by going through the OEM or a certified supplier?

*We strongly suggest - don't rent rope, and don't buy used rope.

Choose a specialty that most closely matches the logistics of your type of work:

Electrical Contractors

Fence Contractors

Landscape Contractors

Outside Plant Contractors

Rope Course Builders

Swimming Pool Contractors 

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